Private label

Private label work

A growing area of our work is in private label, creating unique and exclusive handcrafted fabric and designs tailored to customers' specifications.  Along with our artisans, we develop custom work in weaving, hand block and eco printing, and batik printing,  Our recent collaborations include designs for museums and private retailers.

For creating private label apparel designs, we have developed a partnership with a well-equipped apparel manufacturer, based in India, with an in-house arrangement for sampling, cutting, stitching, finishing and packing with the monthly production capacity of over 20,000 pieces.  We are also involved in designing hand block printed fabric using natural dyes and hand-loomed fabric in cotton, silk, and wool for our buyers.

For apparel designs, we can work from samples, drawings, or specifications. We need as much of the following information as possible:

  • Sampling
  • Fabric style
  • Desired colors
  • Size range
  • Label type and placement
  • Packaging requirements
  • Estimated initial order quantity

Below are some examples of fabrics/processes we work with, and we are continually developing new designs and techniques with the artisans we work with across Central India, Northeast India/Varanasi, and the village of Vardha in Western India.  Please contact us at for more information.