About Contemporary Craft

At Contemporary Craft, our mission is to collaborate with our artisans on creating unique textiles that preserve natural processes, while adhering to fair trade principles. We are always looking to find opportunities for marginalized artists and provide them with consistent work.  We are also actively involved in expanding awareness and interest in the artisans’ work and methods among our customers.

Since 2008,we have been working with our artisans in India to create and expand our own infrastructure in to custom hand loom textile weaving in silk, wool, cotton and blends of these fabrics.  Recently we also expanded into weaving organic cotton, khadi and linen fabric for apparel as well as home designs. We have the capacity to weave up to 1000-meter handloom fabric for our customers who value sustainable designs with fair trade values, here in the United States as well as other countries.   In addition to weaving, we also create custom blocks for block printing, batik and eco printing, as well as private label apparel. 

We also seek out economically disadvantaged individuals and communities that have artistic talent and help them build a better life by promoting their work. We participate at events to present and educate customers about our artisans' work, and highlight their processes and techniques.

Most of our processes use natural dyes or Azo-free dyes, and carefully handcrafted techniques that are environmentally sustainable. Contemporary Craft also promotes environmentally friendly designs, by preserving the natural processes that are so important to their character and quality.  We use recyclable packing material for our shipping.